What is Pagos del Moncayo Mission?

* Our primary goal is to produce high quality wines, giving an artisanal approach to the production process and prioritizing the quality aspect above all.

How did Pagos del Moncayo begin?

* Pagos del Moncayo is a quality winery that was born due to a familiar illusion under the protection of the Campo de Borja Denomination of Origin in 2006.

Where does the name and logo come from?

*The name of the winery is strongly linked to the roots of our wines: the lands that witness their birth, at the foothills of the Moncayo, and the vineyards belonging to our family, our “pagos”.

* The logo of the winery, the symbol that also identifies our wines, seeks to transmit the richness that comes from the artisanal production through the irregular lines of the pen strokes.

What makes us different to our competitors?

*In Pagos del Moncayo, we count on a team of people passionate about creating wines and committed to our philosophy of artisanal production.

*The artisanal elaboration process that culminates in the crushing of the grapes, extracts the full potential of the fruits coming from our vineyards, retaining the purest flavour of the Moncayo lands.

Why buy our products?

*Although it is a relatively young winery, it has already achieved a remarkable appreciation in international markets.

*Our highest priority is to create high quality wines, offering the best value for money.