Grape selection by hand
Artisanal winemaking
Starting the process
Tasting Prados
The Elaboration Process

The combination of tradition and modernity

Based on the belief that the best wines are made from the best grapes; at the Pagos del Moncayo winery we select only the best quality grapes from our own vineyards. Only the healthiest and ripest bunches are selected and harvested to be taken to the winery.


Every season, we pick the grapes by hand and transport them in small containers of no more than 20 Kgs to protect the fruit. The grapes, partially destemmed, are placed in open vats. Each vat normally holds the result of an entire day of harvest.

The grapes are macerated here for a week before the start of the alcoholic fermentation. After the start of fermentation, we crush the grapes under foot; the artisanal method developed to ensure the maximum extraction of the grapes’ potential and also the correct maceration and colour extraction.

After fermentation the wine is separated from the fermentation residue by a traditional manual pressing system. This guarantees the highest quality of the wines.


In 2013, we took a step forward and became part of the European Wine Sustainability Project: Eco-Prowine as pilot winery. As part of the project, we implemented the Life Cycle and Cost Assessment methodology, taking action across the entire life cycle of our wines. The ECO-LABEL certifies that Pagos del Moncayo’ CO2 emissions are well below the European average. This is the proof of how sustainable our wines are.