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Pagos del Moncayo winery participates in the Eco-Prowine European Commission Eco-Innovation Project acting as a framework to reduce the environmental impacts caused by the EU wine-making.

Our Winery

A story of passion and experience

Our winery is located at the foothills of the Sierra del Moncayo, in the heart of the Iberian mountain range as one passes through Aragon. Given the proximity to the Vera del Moncayo village and its privileged location in the province of Zaragoza, the beauty and wealth of the environment in which we make our wines is incomparable.

Our aim is to combine tradition and technique. From the very beginning we were committed to an artisanal way of production. The work in the vineyards, from pruning to harvest, is done completely manual, which ensures our Prados wines retain the purest flavours of this land and give them a strong character.

Thought by our parents, we have recovered the traditional practice of stomping grapes, an artisanal technique that has proven to be most effective for extracting the full potential of a good quality grape. The incorporation of new practices has allowed us to contain the harsh climate of the region.

This commitment with craftsmanship brought us the recognition of being the European referent in sustainable wine elaboration by the EU project ECO-PROWINE.

Undoubtedly, the rich experience provided by the members of our little family, both of creativity and technique, is the true value of our winery.

In 2012, the family of Pagos del Moncayo was enhanced with the incorporation of Louis Geirnaerdt and Eugenie van Ekeris, bringing their broad industry experience and providing new tools for marketing and internationalization.

Since 2013, we collaborate together with Axial Vinos in the European Commission Eco-Innovation Project ‘ECO-PROWINE’. Pagos del Moncayo is one of the project’s pilot wineries that implement eco-initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of wine-making. Eco-Prowine’s main goal is to evaluate the consumption rates, emission issues, and costs in order to make the Product Life Cycle more environmentally efficient. More info:

Although it is a relatively young winery, it has already achieved remarkable appreciation in international markets. We will keep on sharing our passion for wine through our work.

Pagos del Moncayo is the result of a family dream: to transmit through our wines all the passion and experience that comes from centuries of tradition cultivating garnacha in the land of Campo de Borja.

Thanks to the effort and commitment of many years and the invaluable help of a group of friends, this dream has become a reality.

Pedro Aibar