Vineyards and grapes

Our Pagos of Garnacha and Syrah

The varieties of Garnacha and Syrah, which are Prados wines, grow on over 7 hectares of vineyards belonging to the Aibar family, which guarantees quality vineyard management.

The richness of these vineyards, located in the municipalities of Magallon and Bisimbre allows us to maintain the finest production to elaborate our Prados wines.

Our vineyards:

  • The corner of La Corona in Magallón Garnacha planted on deep soils of gravels and surrounded by centuries old olive trees. The more than 3.000 vines are the basis for the development of our young wine.

  • La Marga in Bisimbre Is our greatest vineyard of Garnacha grapes. Light slopes of clay based soil to the east are the basis of our best Garnacha grapes. Its more than 5.000 vines require a long maturation period. This is the vineyard where we finish the harvest each year.

  • La Loma of Bisimbre As its name suggests (Loma means Hill) it is a small hill in which we cultivate 5.000 vines of Syrah. On a shallow and mineral soil, its fruits allow us to produce almost every year our best Syrah.

  • Los Blanquizales in Magallón A soil of “blanquizal” is characteristic because of the white limestone slabs which crop out in the area occasionally. Soils are interesting because of their capacity to retain moisture and the reflection of sunlight: one side cold and the other luminous. Planted with 3.500 vines of Syrah, it allows us to achieve our ideal grapes to combine with Garnacha coming from the corner of La Corona to produce our young wine.

Grape varieties:

The grape varieties grown in our vineyards are Garnacha and Syrah. The peculiarities of our climate and the characteristics of the lands of the Moncayo combine with great harmony giving a suitable space to cultivate these grape varieties.

The Garnacha is the traditional local grape variety. Its long growing season, its great need for sunshine and temperature are perfectly suited to the conditions of the area. Its important hardiness and resistance to wind damage make it an indispensable ally to resist the continuing influence of the “Cierzo”, the name given to the wind in the Ebro valley.

Thanks to the growing of the most valuable vineyards and the effort to get a quality viticulture process, we known how to take care of the grapes, allowing them to reach their full potential and allowing us to develop some of the most interesting wines that can be found in Spain today.

The Syrah grape is perhaps the best travelling companion for the Garnacha. Some of their viticultural and oenological characteristics are the same. This alliance is not only shared in Campo de Borja, but is also recognized in great wine regions of France and even in Australia. The symbiosis between Garnacha and Syrah gives place to very special wines.